100 Ideas for making money online with a budget under Rs 10,000

100 Ideas for making money online with a budget under Rs 10,000

Maintaining a good lifestyle with basic modern amenities, and taking the ever growing pressure of my job was taking a toll on me. I was always under the constant guilt of not being able to be around my kids and family. Are you too experiencing the same? The pressure was such that it led me to the hospital bed. Lying there I realized, that now something has to be done, but the question was what? What? The question just kept lingering on my mind.

Why should I go the workplace and not vice versa? Why should I get stuck to the boring 9 to 5 job with limited growth scope, when sky is the limit? And then I started my online business, of selling kids outfit, with just Rs 10,000 as investment, and it has been a year since then I have not looked back and my business has grown manifolds. The opportunity that I got I would like to share that with you also, and contribute in your new journey to a better and happier life.

Earn Money Online India

One thing that I say is the golden rule to live happy is do what your heart says your brain will cooperate, that is start a work in which you have passion, success will come following it.

Now I would share the ideas to make money online with an investment of Rs 10,000 or less but create what you have passion for

Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment: If you are synonym to this word then get into the fun and gossip industry.

1) Comedy club– Comedy videos are very popular, various celebrities have rose due to their this skill, and yet there is immense talent in this field to be explored, so just make a comedy club and help the budding talent to showcase their talent.

2) Funny video library– Cute and funny videos of kids or animals are all over, just make a library where the right video can be easily searched and make money by selling them and the creator of video can get commission.

3) Online dance video– Just make some short videos that can teach dance and reliable and systematic videos for learning dance and you are done.

4) Online reality show– Reality shows are such a big hit so why not become the owner of an online TV reality show and grab the benefit.

5) Music lover’s group– Make a group of music lovers online, a website to discuss about the music. The group should be for a particular artist or a form of music like only Shreya Ghosal or Arijit Singh.

6) Music school– If you have the knack and passion to teach music, just start the classes and deliver high quality lessons and trust me there will be no looking back from then.

7) Party organizers– Be one stop option for organizing the parties, just start with one category of group and from then once you are settled go for expansion.

8) Low-cost viral video maker– Demand for online videos is increasing day by day. This is a huge market, make videos and on the basis of time of video and work involved like( giving concept, images or text) charge for the video. The better the quality of video the more is the payment. Voila!

9) Cricket- I can see you all smiling and thinking why only cricket and not other sports? All because Indians eat, drink and play cricket no other sport and we are not debating or judging we are here to make money. So, get going to make the most of it.

Cricketer’s fan club! Pick your favorite cricketer and put all information about him there and see your website growing with all the likes and shares happening.

10) Regional sports club– Make online sports club of your region, and add all fans to the club and later on sell cricket equipment or make money through ads. The options are unlimited and all you need is flow of cricket fans.

11) News and trends– As the name goes, pick the latest news or information about cricket or its players and you become the owner of cricket news channel, and there are so many viewers for your channel.

12) Facts– Gather some interesting information about the cricketers, their life and family the content will go viral increasing traffic to your website.

13) Politics– This is another hot topic for discussion, and if you are well aware then this is your piece of cake that will help you mint money.

Track the work done by the government and their promises during the elections, present this to the public and keep them updated.

14) Curating the news– Collect all news about a politician or party and present their opinion to your audience. People like to see multiple aspect of a single news item.

15) App to check fake news– Internet also gives out to much of fake news, just make a system or app to check the accuracy of the news.

16) Start up and marketing– You can help so many people by helping them start their business and marketing their business online for them through social media marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest  etc.

Income ideas and execution– Help people to realize, the passive source of income and then help them start their business and a new journey of life.

17) Teach how to sell– Teaching people how to sell their products will be an instant hit blog and helpful also.

18) Design for startups– You can provide high quality digital design for start – ups at affordable cost and help them to design their website and get started.

19) Hiring and firing– You could be HR to many startups, and help them selecting the best and firing the worst candidate.

20) Content marketingContent marketing is huge market these days, you can build career in it by helping the start ups who are aiming at organic growth.

21) Digital marketing– It is all about driving the traffic to your website through Google and Facebook ads, a short term course may be done and then you can just start your own digital marketing agency.

digital marketing agency

Media [news and trends]- A niche media website can be made for business, share market, food, agriculture or any fields in which your interest lies.

22) Bollywood news– It is definitely the most searched topic yet there is immense space for new entrants. You can review an old movie or a new, or get some jazzy story of the actors which will lure the readers.

23) Startup news– You can interview new entrepreneurs, in the same field and celebrate their idea throughout the month, example funding in February, marketing matters in march and so on.

24) Tech news– If there is a gadget lover in you and you are updated about the latest trends, then just share the idea with others and start an online business in this field. Also the knowledge of software will be essential.

25) Gadget trends-Gadget and technology go together, so you may include both in your website. It is wiser to start with a particular type of product or with a particular brand. The level of information should be such that it is the topmost sought after site for information.

26) Fashion trends– You can review the latest fashion trends and help people to stay in fashion, by guiding them to choose online what is in latest trend.

27) Stock market and business news– Be honest to the ones who are relying on your information, do not pass any information which is for your benefit. If you work in the interest of your viewer’s then success is sure to be yours.

28) Technology and software– A software engineer can start an online business in tech industry. Stack overflow community could help you with some awesome ideas. You can pick topics like 3D printing, Android or IOS, just pick a topic of your choice and create content in one single window.

29) Tech startup– If you can make software products then this is your domain, the ideas are unlimited here you just need to bag any such one idea.

29) Mobile app– If you have skill in mobile development, then just move ahead and enter the field of mobile apps. It could be a successful venture if the app goes viral.

30) Online community– Online communities will always remain source of valuable information, for people who want to help each other. Example: Zomato or Nearbuy. Just start a community in your niche.

31) Tech blog– Not all are aware of tech or its application. So writing a blog in this field has immense opportunity and once you get started queries will pop up giving you more work to do.

32) Shopping, deals and couponsE-commerce has grown leaps and bounds over a few years and you can definitely capitalize on this arena. Just use the already built platform for shopping online.

32) Sell on online marketplaces– With the help of sites like Amazon, flipkart you can sell your products online. The thing to be remembered is always sell good quality products and those commodities which can be shipped easily. Here are some details on vendor pricing on Amazon Selling, charges on Amazon Fulfilment.

33) Start a deal/ coupon selling company– I can feel the smile Indians love shopping when they have deals or coupons. You can start an online business selling these coupons and deals to the right audience.

34) Start an affiliate blog– Start affiliate website and make money from it; it is a good and reliable option. Some examples are Coupon Dunia, Grabon, Promo Code Club etc.

35) Finance– There are immense option in it, sell insurance or bonds, work as agent for banks, start an tax filing website, any chartered accountant or person with finance knowledge can do this work.

Sell financial products– You can sell insurance, mutual funds or home loans as an offline agent. Market is flooding with various financial options, so from where to choose and what to choose is a big confusion. You can help them comparing and buying the best policy or loan or bond or mutual fund.

36) Start an income tax return filing website– Not all are equipped with the knowledge or confidence to file their tax return. This gives you an opportunity to start an online portal to help people file the tax.

37) Blog/You tube channel to earn through advertisementsStart a blog or you tube channel and you can earn through ads posted there. Also you can generate income by selling their products.

38) On-call financial advisory– What to invest, where to invest and how to invest are a few questions which a financial expert can answer, Google can give you general information but it cannot provide you with personalized information, here comes into the picture a financial advisor. You can solve their queries over the phone and charge per appointment basis.

39) Sell subscription- based premium content– The present information on net on financial products are not well researched or detailed, so you can research on it and then sell the information generated.

40) A community of finance geeks– Money can be used for empowerment of humanity, if you could think beyond retirement, investment and generation of money, so create a group of likeminded people and go for a mind boggling discussion over it.

41) Help in accounting– There is no requirement for you to have a degree to help people manage their accounts just a basic knowledge of accounts and you are set to help them managing their accounts.

42) Video blog in finance– Start an online video about finance and post it on You Tube you will love the financial benefit it will bring to you.

43) Help students clear finance exams– Finance is a tough subject and you could provide services, by helping people clear their finance exams.

44) Health- It is most searched after blogs but get into it only if you are passionate about working in this arena.

45) Honest reviews for doctors– You could put review about the doctors regarding their success, failure and other such details so the patients can consider before starting the treatment.

46] Raise money for genuine patients who are unable to afford the high cost– You could raise money for the ones who cannot afford the expensive treatments. For more info check Crowd funding sites like Ketto.org.

47) A community of patients to help each other– A doctor can provide just treatment but there are various emotional and other queries which a patient can only answer make such community and help the patients even before the doctor comes into the scene.

48) People facing emotional crisis– People dealing with emotional trauma or depression cannot seek help from front so an online portal could help them to overcome their issues.

49) Men’s health blog– Gather your information from Wikipedia or Google and get started to write a blog on men’s health.

50) Women’s health– Just as the above start this blog and get poured with queries, likes, shares and comments.

51) Pregnancy care blog– Give quality information about pregnancy, associated problems and all other such queries. You can build a forum for this where women can discuss their problems and derive benefits.

52) Baby health care– I think a worried parent can beat the investigation skill of CID. So writing a blog on childcare can attract heavy traffic. However you should concentrate on the needs of your target audience.

53) Home remedies– Home remedies do not cost much and are free from side effects, so if you write something on it which if is authentic then it is bound to go viral.

54) Education– This is a vast topic in itself tries to cater the needs of a specific group, or you end up failing yourself. See here.

Poems and phonetics for toddlers [2 to 5 years] – This is for toddlers to help them identify picture, sound and pronunciation of the words. Check web portal www.starfall.com

55) Learning through games for kids [5 to 15 years] This is designed keeping in mind the needs and understanding of this age group. It should be attractive, interesting and knowledgeable also.

56) Career counseling– Write a blog helping the kids to understand the various career options available. Also guide them about universities in India and abroad.

57) Help in cracking competitive exams– This is the most commonly searched topic and there is still scope for you to add some more information about clearing the competitive exams.

58) Help in getting government job– This is another hot topic, just reach the target audience, and help them prepare for government exams and clear it.

59) Make students employable– At times only professional degree is just not sufficient to get a job. This missing training can be provided like training in computer or English. This is also an arena which can provide employment opportunity.

60) Review of products for schools (lab, software, sports simply writing about the products that are to be used by schools can help you earn, later you can also charge the companies for their promotion.

61) Review of educational toys or products for parents– Similarly like the above you can help the parents, in finding the right product and the companies can also reach the consumer.

62) Review of extracurricular classes and activities– It is a great concern for the parents, if you could write a blog on it example which class is for which age and has what benefits etc. It will tap much of the traffic.

63) Review for relationship between teens and parents– With the suicidal rate going high in teens it is necessary for parents to communicate well with them. A blog on this topic is of much help for parents.

64) Jobs– This section has huge search volume. If you can work on a blog regarding the solution of finding jobs your blog will become popular within sometime.

Solution papers for major government jobs exams- Providing solution papers for government exams can help you to make the website go viral.

65) Create niche job portals– A dedicated portal can help both the employer and employee to find each other easily and well in time also.

66) Help people improve their resumes– This domain will always provide employment, all cannot make resume and you can help them by doing so.

67) Personality development and HR interview training– This is a much sought after blog, because front desk jobs are all dependent on personality of the candidate. This is a big market if you can provide valuable information.

68) News and updates about government jobs– You can ping people about the availability of government jobs, this blog has full potential of going viral.

69) Tips and tricks to crack a government job exam– Providing tips and tricks to crack the exam will be an instant hit with the examinees.

70) How to study like a topper– Everyone wants to top the exams but lack the tips to get that extra marks and score well. You could highlight those points that could help them in this aspect.

71) Group to help people who have failed– To motivate the people who have failed in the exam and also how to reappear in the exam and clear it then. Such groups provide emotional support to the students and help them excel in their exams.

Fashion and beauty– Not only women but also men are highly conscious about fashion. Any blog which can provide information about the latest trends of fashion and allied things like haircuts, makeup and all

72) Beauty tips– Create a page for sharing on Facebook and Instagram to share beauty tips. Later on you can also create a forum to start discussion on beauty tips and home remedies for them.

73) Skincare tips– This is the most sought after and the easiest blog to start. Topics can be very easily searched and written about.

74) Fashion product reviews– Once you have started a fashion blog you can pick a fashion product and start writing about it.

75) Ideas for drapping saree or any other Indian dress-You can either post videos or go live to teach your audience how to wear saree or any other Indian dress. Later on you can start online interactive classes or courses for the same. E.g.: Log on to register yourself for an online digital marketing training course.

76) Shopping places for fashion products– If your fashion expert then you can recommend the audience the places to shop. Depending on the audience you can suggest the place to shop.

77) Childcare and parenting– This topic should be handled with extreme care. Only if you have knowledge and you are passionate about the topic. If you are a parent and want to share your journey with other parents then start this blog. For more ideas: check a growing blog www.kiddydiaries.com

78) Pregnancy care– Pregnant lady is fragile and needs utmost care. Many pregnant ladies look for help during this period, so this topic can attract traffic very easily.

78) Care of newborn baby– A newborn baby requires more care than a pregnant lady. A new mom can always resort to your website for help.

79) Home remedies for children– A website with home remedies for common diseases is always searched for overcoming the common diseases.

80) Breastfeeding help– It requires emotional support to feed a child. A group to solve queries of moms to breastfeed the child should be a good initiate.

81) Help to come out of postnatal depression– Mood swings after pregnancy is a common thing. Almost all the mothers need help to come out of the postnatal depression; you may start a forum to deal with this issue.

82) Blog for selling old but products in good condition– Kids are overloaded with stuff and there are times when these stuffs are neither used or used just once or twice, a site just to sell these kind of stuff( pram, cot , car seater and many such things.

83) Enjoying fatherhood– Most of the companies have started giving paternal leave, so how about starting a website to deal with the problems or issues of fathers.

84) Food– There is so many groups related to food on internet, which cater or are targeted for different groups of people.

Platform to sell homemade food– Create a platform to sell homemade food and list similar people and try to get buyers to buy the products from your website.

85) Discovery of regional food– You could work to build a platform for food discovery. Each region has its regional food and there is specialist doing the work. Start a website which enlists this detailed information.

86) Meet-ups for food lovers– You can organize meet-ups for the food lovers and organize various food events, if you can organize such food events then gradually hotels and restaurants

87) Community of one particular food love [say coffee lovers]-Start a community for food lovers of a particular food, and you could also see people across the globe joining your community.

88) Organic food seller– This is the new big entrant in the market, start selling organic food, let the consumers know from where you procure food and how you store it. This will make you source of organic food. 1

89) Sharing recipes– Start a blog or put up videos regarding cooking of food. Start with one particular cuisine or ingredient and then gradually go for expansion. You can start you tube channel for displaying your culinary skills.

90) How to grow organic food– Share tips with people to grow organic food and also put tips to start a kitchen garden.

91) Baking techniques- Baking it is a big area. Share your tips and tricks for baking, rather than the recipes it is the tricks that is always sought after.

92) Tips on nutrition– This is an evergreen topic, if you can provide good information and reliable too then you’re bound to stay in the market forever.

93) Food blog– Write about the food, service, hospitality of hotels and food joints. People will rely on your judgment and depending on your fan following even hotel will pay you or call for food tasting to get a positive feedback.

94) Reduce weight without dieting– Everybody wants to reduce weight but cannot starve. You can help them by sharing low calorie food recipes or helping them with detox drinks.

95) Food for kids– Kids are fussy eaters, if you can come up with nutritious food which is also interesting for them then just start a blog for this cause.

96) Travel– Travel is where you can never go wrong. Create your own packages and plan the vacations.

Find local guides- It is really difficult to find a local guide within budget. If a website could be designed to do so it would be of great help for the travelers.

97) Review hotels and resorts– When travelling comfort is our top priority, you can put up reviews for hotels and resorts and earn commission when there is a booking from your site.

98) Finding lesser– known travel spots- People are fond of travelling to lesser known places, you can write a blog on these places.

99) Adventurous trip ideas and planning– You can share about your adventures on a trip and get people to share their adventures on trips.

100) Help people discover travel deals– A lot of time is spent on finding the travel deals, Help people find the best travel deal and get their reviews enlisted on a website.

I hope that with the above ideas you are able to start a venture of yours. And do not forget to write a blog on your success story.

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