Glossary Terms

Every business big or small needs to have a strong online presence in this digitally inclined world. You need to emerge as leaders and be competitive. However it’s not possible for every new entrepreneur to hire a digital marketing agency to market the start-up. In this scenario, its best for business owners to self-educate oneself to compete well with little or no budget.

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Below mentioned are some of the digital marketing terms this course will provide you in-depth insight into:

Learn to create a website using WordPress

To create your brand awareness on the web, every business must have a website. WordPress is one of the easiest blogging and a content management system is possible to learn in just a couple of hours. This course is the best and will teach you the needed fundamentals for publishing a fully functional website that doesn’t require coding or other technical knowledge to create a website for your business.

This tutorial is certainly meant for new business owners with a limited budget. Get going to create a fully customized, professional website on your own.

Learn to market your brand or services digitally- Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing differs from traditional marketing. Through this form of marketing, you can promote your brand by one or more means of electronic media. This medium allows you to analyze your marketing campaigns and know what is working best for your business.

Isn’t that great? You can focus your investments, time and money on campaigns that give you the best optimum returns on your investments.

Know what goes to market your business online 


It is the art of selling products and services digitally either on the internet or cellular phone networks. You can make optimum use of the two sub-channels of online marketing that uses different strategy to promote a business online.

Outlined below are two online marketing channels that every business should integrate in its marketing campaign.


It is a form of inbound marketing that is used to promote businesses by clicking on advertisements that is triggered by a search related to a particular keyword. The organic search results can be gauged on Google search engine’s results page. The best part about PPC is that the advertiser pays only when their ad is clicked and a user visits their website. If you want to explore more on “Pay per click” you certainly should register online for this digital marketing course.

Use Search Engine Marketing to increase brand visibility


It is a form of Internet marketing that promotes websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through means of paid advertising.

Know the process of maximizing the number of visitors on your website through SEO


Its specific content ensures that the site appears at the top most on the search engine. To integrate more traffic to your business, focus on content that is unique and quality driven and optimized with SEO.

Learn the art of producing and marketing content that users share Social media MARKETING


Content that interests the users and is either helpful imparts knowledge or is funny mostly tends to draw the users attention and often gets shared on their social network. This certainly increases the brand awareness of the company and gets the users attention.

There is a lot that goes behind to know all the terms of Digital Marketing inside out. There is a lot to know and explore. Why is the Call To Action (CTA) important in the content that your market. What is its role? How can you calculate the conversion ratio of the footfall of visitors on your website? What is the core effectiveness of the landing page?

You can certainly get answers to not only the questions mentioned above by registering for this online digital marketing course from but also get answers to the many more queries that you have on anything and everything concerning the world of Digital Marketing.