Health Benefits of eating Organic foods

Health Benefits of eating Natural and Organic foods

Over the last 6 to 7 years there has been immense growth in the demand for organic foods. The growth in its popularity is all because the consumers are now aware of the demerits of conventional food or the non-organic foods is all about making profits, there is no concern for the health or nutritional value of the food. Leave alone the holistic value of food which should also be taken care off. Organic food should be consumed to feel the difference in the quality and the wholesome goodness that it has to offer.

Just by adding organic food in our diet we can eliminate and fight with several diseases like obesity, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, heart issues etc. We are what we eat so the importance of organic food is beyond words. Organic food if viewed from a bigger perspective is a process of producing food by means of socially answerable methods. It helps in the environment from the hazards of artificial insecticides and pesticides. It can be very safely said that organic food is the change for a better and pollution free environment.

Organic food is generally more beneficial than the non-organic food for the following reasons:


  • No GMO’s – Genetically modified organisms including the GM foods are horrible versions of real food. GMOs are not a means of improving the food. It is a process whereby genetics are manipulated by taking genes from one species and inserting it in the other. In this process animal genes are merged with plants and plants genes are merged with animals. This is something which the nature does not approve off. Various scientific researches have shown that GM foods have developed tumors. Many countries have banned the sale of GMO foods within their territories.
  • Better nutrition – Various researches have acknowledged the fact that organic food is more nutritional. It contains more vitamins, minerals, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. It is also clear that organic food is less fatty and the fats that it contains is good fat. Conventionally grown foods are cultivated with the help of  artificial fertilizers, so the food does not gets all the nutrients.
  • No pesticides or herbicides – Pesticides and herbicides are poison and it cannot be washed off from the food. The roots absorb the pesticides and herbicides when they are sprayed and they contaminate the food thus grown. So it is advisable to avoid non- organic food.
  • Better taste – There is no doubt about the natural taste of the organic food. Organic food tastes better than the conventional food. The falling for bigger and prettier food is misleading.
  • Higher quality meat and dairy – The source from where meat is procured decides the benefits or ill effects of the meat. Meat from concentrated animal feeding operations is unhealthy and steps are being taken to stop cruel practices. This meat is full of antibiotics and dirt and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Less chances of food borne diseases – We often see reports of outbreaks of food borne diseases. Food produced by agribusiness result in such outbreaks of diseases. Agribusiness food products lack nutrition and are full of pesticides and toxins which are extremely harmful for our health.
  • Better immune system – Organic foods are healthier and contain more nutrition, so they help us in safeguarding ourselves from various diseases and also develop a strong immunity system to protect us from falling sick.
  • Antioxidant capacity – Researches have proved that organic food has higher antioxidant  which help to reduce heart diseases and chances of developing cancer.
  • Safe for environment – By using no fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides we protect the environment from various pollutions. Reduction in pollution levels further enhances the quality of life and removes harmful toxins from the environment.
  • Better for your conscience – The food we eat affects our health as well as our thoughts and behavior. Meat from supermarket or non-organic plant products all affect devastate our environment. We are aware of this devastation and our conscience is thus affected and this brings negative impact on our body, mind and soul. So just gift yourself the goodness of organic food. And help  your mind and body stay fit and healthy.


By eating organic food we are not only helping ourselves to stay healthy but also giving the future generations an healthier world to live in.

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