How can Buy button change the online shopping experience?

How can Buy button change the online shopping experience?

Online businesses have changes the way people shop for even the smallest of things. There are many companies to facilitate online shopping and among them the highest competition is between the online giants like the eBay and Amazon. That, of course, does not mean that there is no competition among the smaller companies. There is a huge competition among online shopping sites, period. In the middle of all this Google has instigated an action which has the potential to bother all the online shopping companies including the super giants eBay and Amazon. It has been reported by the Wall Street Journal that this move is adding a ‘Buy’ button close to some of its indexed search results.

What is the difference between Google’s ‘buy’ button and buying products at online sites like eBay and Amazon?

  • It is known to all online shoppers that when they make a choice for a products while shopping through the online sites they are directed to the site of the retailers where the complete the purchase as well as make payments. When an online shopper will use the Google’s ‘buy’ button the buyer would be directed to a Google webpage where the buyer can edit its request for the product customize the delivery options. However the items will be sold by the retailer and not Google.


  • The online sites are usually accessed by the buyers through a personal computer instead of smartphones. The simple and straightforward reason for this is it provides ease of entering details for payments and the product as compared to entering details on the small screen of a smartphone or even a tablet. To increase the use of smartphones and tablets for searches for online sites and eventually shopping through them Google has made arrangements where the user will have to enter the details of payment just once through their smartphones or tablets which will be stored by Google and can be derived whenever the user wants the information for the next payment. This facility is not available with the other online companies. This will also be beneficial for the retailers as Google is sharing the e-mail id of their clients with the retailers which can be used by them as leads to look for prospective clients.

How will the ‘buy’ button affect the online companies?

How can Buy button change the online shopping experience?

The Wall Street Journal has divulged in the information that a few of the online stores are in talks with Google for involving themselves in the ‘buy’ button endeavor. However not all the retail companies think that joining the Google camp would be the right decision. The reason they state is that handing over the control over the sale of the product to Google makes the retailer lose control over how the product is put forth to the customers as well as hinder the retailer-customer interaction to a large extent. Also the pricing may differ due to the increase in the competition.

However, on the other hand the online shoppers are happy as it gives them an opportunity to sidestep the huge sites like Amazon and look for products and eventually buy them without the help of these online sites straight from Google. But before Google takes this endeavor a step further he should be known that the online shopping giant Amazon is increasingly gaining control over the market share of online shopping business which can certainly be an  important issue to be addressed by Google and keeping this in mind any further decisions should be contemplated.

What is the main reason of introducing the ‘BUY’ button?

As we discussed earlier as compared to the use of Google for query searching people use Google a lot less for their online buying needs. They automatically use the online sites like the eBay and Amazon. The ‘buy’ button initiative has been bought into practice for the sole purpose of inducing the online shoppers to make use of the search giant through their cell phones more often than not. Google is not hell bent on replacing Amazon and eBay as the next big thing in the online shopping market but all it wants is higher level of interaction between its cell phone users and Google.

It is true that in trying to stay in touch with their cell phone users Google is stepping into the retail world and in the direct line of clash with its competitors but the revenue earned by Google by the searches made by the cell phone users for online shopping will be totally worth it.

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